Guidelines for Data Collection

Steps for Data Collection

(i) Visit the official website of the Institute or University

(ii) Look for a navigation link that lists individual departments

(iii) Visit the official department page for Engineering and Science departments and count the total number of faculty members and women faculty members as required in this Excel Sheet

(iv) For each female faculty member identified, note down their details as required in this Excel Sheet

(v) Calculate the base rate department-wise

(vi) Calculate the base rate institution/university-wise

(vii) Some universities/institutes may have a page dedicated to the breakup of faculty members by department. Look for this page and if it exists, cross-check your numbers with this page.

(vii) In addition, please also make a note of the number of faculty members (Total and Female Faculty Members) into the following categories: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science and Earth Sciences based on the department they are part of.

  1. All Bio-related department faculty members can be put under Biology (Ecology, Cell Biology, Biophysics, etc.)
  2. Same goes for Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic, Materials Research, etc.), Physics (High Energy Physics, Physics, etc.) and Mathematics
  3. For Engineering, all allied departments – Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Textile, etc.. Some Engineering schools have a Design department which can be clubbed under Engineering.
  4. Some institutes have a Computer Science or a Computer Science and Engineering department, which can be added to Computer Science. AI and Machine learning, Computational Data Systems are other departments which can be added to Computer Science
  5. Earth Sciences includes departments such as the following: Renewable Technology. Earth Sciences, Water Research, etc.
  6. When in doubt, use your best judgement 🙂

Grey areas/ pitfalls

(i) Some departments list Ramajunan Fellows/ Ramalingaswami Fellows/INSPIRE Faculty Fellows. These faculty members need not be included in the final number for either the department or the institute.

(ii) Likewise, Honorary or Emeritus Professors, JC Bose Fellows and SERB Distinguished Fellows need not be included in the count.

(iii) Some Centres (or Departments) within Institutes do not have core faculty members, but instead faculty members from other departments are affiliated with them. Do make a note of this and indicate it as such when counting the number of faculty members for such Centres. Before entering the stats for the institute make sure this is not the case to avoid double-counting.

(iv) Adjunct or Associate Faculty (not Associate Professor) typically have their primary affiliations in a different department or institute/university OR in some instances are based in industry and need not be counted for the department that they are affiliated with.

(v) If there exists a Design department (or other such departments which could exist in Humanities), check to make sure it is within the Engineering Wing of the university/institute while including it in the stats.